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Online, fast and cheap. Create a unique website.

Web design for your business.
Domain name + email address included.


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Online, fast and cheap. Create a unique website.

Web design for your business.
Domain name + email address included.

Getting found online is critical for a business. We get you there!

Our templates are optimized for small businesses and individuals, and so is our pricing.

About to start your own company? We make you visible on the internet as quickly and easily as possible.
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Fast and Unique

With most website builders you burn hours making detailed design choices and learning how the editor works. With Pagenook you provide basic details and let us generate a unique website design for you, ready to publish.
You can be online in minutes! Try us now and check for yourself – register only to publish, no payment during the trial period.

cheap like a cup of coffee

Complete and Cheap

Web agencies can charge thousands to create a website without including web hosting or ongoing support. Pagenook's payment plans are comprehensive and affordable.
For a monthly fee worth a few cups of coffee you get an all-inclusive service, allowing you to forecast your expenses easily with the peace of mind that your website is covered.

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Stunningly Simple

More is not always better: heavy websites can take a long time to load, resulting in lost visitors. We believe that there is elegance in simplicity. Our editor follows Google's material design guidelines, keeping it lean and extremely easy to use. This results in the best website designs: modern looking, easy to read, mobile-ready and fast; features your customers will appreciate.

See how easy it can be.

We guide you.

Our website wizard guides you through the entire website creation process. After a few easy questions, your unique website is generated.

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Customize your website easily.

1. Main menu: use this to run the wizard and update business details, or to preview your website. Options such as changing the website defaults like color or font also live here.

2. Set display mode to phone, tablet or desktop.

3. Block settings: is where cou can change image, color and height of a block or section.

4. Move up the section containing the block.

5. Edit the content of the block.

6. Publish your changes to the internet right away.

Pagenook editor (phone view mode) 1 2 3 4 5 6

Everything you need.

From free images to visitor statistics and geographical maps, you get a complete solution to customize and manage your website.

Once you are ready, our wizard will assist you in selecting a web address to go online.

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All inclusive: you get full service.

We make the process of creating a website simple. All pricing plans – including the free plan– come with many useful features to get your business online fast and easily.

Create Website

Main Editor Features

Our editor is very easy to use.

Absolutely no technical knowledge is required. To check all features, you can experiment with our tutorial – a website made with Pagenook's editor!

Free Images Library

Search and select free images from our curated picture library, or from selected partners. If you don't find what you need, you can extend the search to professional stock providers and add purchased pictures to your own library, all conveniently from one place.

Pagenook media library

Mobile First

Since 2017 mobile users represent the majority of internet users. Our editor is designed with that fact in mind, and ensures that your website is responsive: it will look great both on mobile phones and regular desktop computers.

We used the same mobile-first approach for the website itself: you can edit and publish a website from your mobile phone!

Pagenook hiking template preview (desktop)
Pagenook hiking template preview (phone) Pagenook hiking template preview (tablet)

Social Media Friendly

Pagenook is social, and your website can be as well! Click on the footer section within the editor, enter the profile name for your favorite social networks, and the corresponding icons will automatically be activated.

Pagenook social media footer

Easy Menu Setup

Setting up navigation is a breeze:

- Click on the menu at the top of the page; a popup with a miniature of each section appears.

- Name a section. Et voila! That section is now part your menu.

- Of course you can also set logo and title conveniently from the same popup.

Test the result using our 'preview' feature within the editor's main menu.

Pagenook navigation menu setup

Geographical Map Included

You can include a Google map – or even several – on your website. Enter an address or coordinates, select a match and adjust the zoom and map style to your liking.

Pagenook map setup

Main Web Features

No frills, just what you need.

Secure Web Address

Our websites always use the internet secure protocol (SSL/HTTPS) for better safety and privacy. It also improves ranking in search engines like Google.

Get an url like for free. And with any yearly plan you can also choose your own domain name like at no extra cost. It is also possible to reuse a domain name which you acquired previously.

Pagenook secure website access
Pagenook publish wizard

SEO and Statistics

Search Engine Optimization: having a website is of no use if nobody finds it! We ensure that your website is indexed on popular search engines like Google and Bing. Even better, we provide you with statistics to check how active the website is.

Pagenook website statistics

More Features

Smart Templates

With regular website builders you spend hours picking a template, typing text, and configuring your website.

Not here.

Provide us with a few key facts and our wizard will create a unique and customized website for your business. If you wish to change the page you can edit details like color, text, photos, and layout in our website editor, or try a new wizard suggestion with a single click!

Email Address

With all paid plans you get free inbound email forwarding (external domains excepted): we will resend all messages we receive under to the email address you are registered with. Your personal email address remains protected: only customers you reply to will see it. Find out more about getting a full email account connected to your site.

Privacy/GPDR Aware

Be sure your site is compliant with your country's regulations. Almost all websites use cookies and store information about visitors in order to remember preferences, track visits, etc... The new European Union GDPR regulation requires that businesses inform users about the data that is collected and stored, that the users' consent is recorded, and their data erased upon request.

We automatically integrate an appropriate privacy policy to your website and generally take care of making your website GDPR-compliant.

Cloud Hosting

You will not have to rent a server to host your website, or worry about failures: hosting on our secure server cloud is included is each plan. The cloud brings you reliability (if one server fails, another will take over) and speed (visitors can access the server closest to their location).


Navigation for tablet and mobile phone users is easier with scrolling than clicking. Our websites are built single-page, making them particularly convenient on touch devices: your mobile visitors can quickly browse through the entire content with one scrolling motion and go back and forth easily.

There is another benefit: single-page websites are loaded only once on initial access. The complete website is then stored in the browser, making for a snappy user experience.


Even More Features

  • Maintenance: we ensure that your web address (domain name) and your SSL certificate do not expire.
  • Support: link to us automatically included in the footer.
  • Mobile: edit your website from your mobile phone or tablet!
  • Privacy protection: we serve as proxy for your domain name so that your personal details will not be made public.

And perhaps the most exciting feature: an extremely simple editor, no technical knowledge required. See for yourself by editing our tutorial


Got 10 seconds?

Try us out and see how you like it – it takes seconds to enter your business type and create a website, and just a few minutes to customize it to your liking. To go online simply register and click 'publish', no payment required! Start with our free plan and you can send a link to friends and family right away. Get their opinion, test our your new site, we look forward to having you as our customer!

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Our All-Inclusive Prices

Pick a plan. No hidden costs. No ads.

(and yes: we have a free plan)

At you only pay a monthly or yearly fee, there are no other costs. Our prices are easily below the industry average and very affordable compared with a web agency. This does not mean that you get cheap service: all the features you might need are inclusive – with no ads.

(pay annually and get 2 months free each year!)



For Friends & Family

Per Month


  • All standard features




  • 1GB volume / month

    (50-100 visitors/month)


  • 500MB storage


To Get Started

Per Month


  • All standard features


  • yourname.ext

    (with a yearly plan)


  • 2GB volume / month

    (5-15 visitors/day)


  • 1GB storage


  • email forwarding


  • in search engines

    (Google, Bing)


  • Best effort support


Normal Usage

Per Month


  • All standard features


  • yourname.ext

    (with a yearly plan)


  • Unlimited volume


  • 5GB storage


  • one email account


  • in search engines

    (Google, Bing)


  • Regular support

    (within 3 days)


Exclusive Service

Per Month


  • All standard features


  • yourname.ext

    (with a yearly plan)


  • Priority volume


  • 20GB storage


  • multiple email accounts


  • in search engines

    (Google, Bing)


  • Priority support

    (within 24h)

(*) password-protected after the first month, see free plan for details.

2 months for free with annual plans.

Do not hesitate to start with the free plan: you can upgrade at any time!

Pagenook airplane

Main Pricing Plan Differences

for maximum transparency.


This is the amount of data exchanged between our servers and your website visitors over a month. A good measure of how popular your website is, but also of how much load your website is putting on our infrastructure.

Do not worry though; should your website reach the limit, we will not shut it down! We will throttle it (limit transfer rates) and send you an email suggesting that you upgrade your plan. Websites with 'Unlimited' plans are faster.


Something not working as advertized? Your website is down? Support is available for all paid plans and you are welcome to contact us. The priority given to your problem depends on the plan you chose: support for the 'saver' plan is on a best-effort basis, meaning that our staff will investigate the issue time allowing; an issue raised for an 'unlimited' plan will be investigated before those of other plans.


Storage simply means how much disk space is required on our secure servers to store the files of your website – photos and videos take up the most space.

If after editing your website its total size (including all photos and videos) exceed the limit defined in the plan, you will not be able to put the new version online (an older version already published would naturally remain online).

Our Free Plan

If it is free, then you are the product!  Some of our competitors have (limited) free products. Those always include advertisements: your visitors will see banners, which you do not control. We think that websites look much more professional with no ads so we offer something a bit different:

You are welcome to use our free plan for an entire month in order to try our services out. For families or small communities who want to share videos, pictures, event calendar, etc... – we include the option of setting a website password, which removes the one-month limit. Visitors will simply have to enter that password (set by you) once a day.

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